We met live! on 16th November with a ‘plant-based’ theme.  A warm welcome to Laurence, Terry, Elaine, Neil and David, all joining us for the first time, and welcome back to Chris and Ian, returning to us after an absence of some years.


We had several gardens and a graveyard: English Country Garden (Adrian); The Glory of the Garden (Kipling’s poem, read by David); The Garden Song (Sally); the ‘gardens blooming with lily and with rose’ in Home, Lads, Home (Phil) and the graveyard which begins the cycle of Where have all the flowers gone? (Sam).  Crops were also a popular subject; barley in Fields of Gold (Christine) and The Galway Shawl (Terry); new-mown hay in Country Life (Chris); and Peas, beans, oats and the barley (Adrian).  Trees featured in Rattling Bog (Anne, accompanied on bodhran by Laurence); Eileen on concertina gave us The Greenwood Tree and joined with Gerda to play Linden Lea; Ian headed to the ‘land of the pine’ in Wagon Wheel and Katy used trees as a memento mori in What’s the Life of a Man?


Several contributors used classic ‘traditional’ plant references: the herbs in Scarborough Fair (Laurence); Elaine found roses in Ye banks and braes o’ bonnie Doon and heather in The Call of the Wild; Gerda waited for her lover Low Down in the Broom and Terry planned to meet his true love amidst the Wild Mountain Thyme.


Taking us in other directions were Sally’s touching story of Percy the Puny Poinsettia; the peaches in Spanish pipe-dream (Ian); The Liquorice Fields of Pontefract (David); The Bitter Withy (Chris) and the bluebonnet flowers that grow on the Gulf Coast Highway (Sam).  Christine picked up the challenge to find a mention of seaweed, and sang us Sand and Seaweed.


For a really cheeky twist, let’s not forget the fish-processing plant in Tiny Fish for Japan (Phil)!


And to round it all off, we had Neil with some fun performances on the bodhran.


We next meet in The Howard Arms, Brampton, on 21st December at 8pm.  As we shall be close to Christmas, and in party season, the theme will be ‘party pieces’ – remember the recitation/piano solo/song you used to perform at your friends’ parties when you were 8 years old?  Same principle! Your favourite song/tune/recitation, whether seasonal or not.  Have fun deciding what you’ll do!